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Immersion Ghana

How long is the flight from the U.S. to Ghana?
A direct flight from New York (JFK) to Accra, Ghana (ACC) takes approximately 10 hours, 45 minutes. An itinerary that connects through Europe will take approximately 17 hours total, including layover(s).
Does the group fly to Ghana together?

Due to the fact that program participants are coming from all over the world, it is not feasible to book airfare as a group. Everyone is responsible for booking her/his flight according to specific schedule criteria.

How does airport pickup in Ghana work?

Kotoka Airport (ACC) in the capital city of Accra is Ghana’s only international airport. Sankofa Music Immersion’s on-the-ground staff collects program participants at the airport and transfers them to the hotel for the start of the program.

What vaccinations/immunizations are needed for travel to Ghana?
For the best and most up-to-date information on what vaccinations/immunizations are needed for travel in Ghana, all program participants are required to visit a travel clinic.

A travel doctor will know the current Centers for Disease Control recommendations for every country, including Ghana.

Is the water in Ghana safe to drink?
The water in Ghana is not considered potable by Western standards. Included in the program fee is unlimited bottled water for the time the group spends living and studying in the cultural centers.

On travel days, program participants are responsible for purchasing bottled water.

What is the security situation like?

Ghana is one of the safest, most well-developed countries in Africa. There are no known terrorist groups operating in the country and very little anti-Western sentiment.

Our team keeps up-to-date through our extensive network of contacts on the ground there, as well as through our member subscription to the daily regional bulletin put out by the U.S. State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC).

What language is spoken in Ghana?

English is the official national language of Ghana. In addition, there are nine government-sponsored languages of African origin spoken in Ghana.

Students who are interested may have the opportunity to study two of these languages, Twi and Ewe.

What is the weather like?
The Summer Sessions take place at the tail end of Ghana’s main rainy season. The rain this time of year is sporadic and mostly late at night; the weather is relatively cool. Many people feel this is the best time of year to visit Ghana.

The Winter Session occurs during Ghana’s dry season, which some people prefer due to the reduced mosquito population. The temperature is still relatively cool compared to other times of year

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